Why Everything is Meaningful

“Frivolous chatter is meaningless,” says the man who fancies himself an enlightened intellectual. “I am concerned with greater issues in the world.”

“Why does your head wallow in things so alien to the situation of actual living?” comes the retort. “Why do you call ‘meaningful’ only that which is discussed in your ivory tower?”

Perhaps it is impossible to distinguish degrees of meaning by comparing them relative to one another. The production crew of a sitcom, the aerospace engineering team, the employees of a retail outlet, the screaming fans lining the red carpet, and the facility of a university, all share a common trait: they determine what is ‘meaningful’ based on a shared valueset and a way of seeing the world that reflects the views of others around them.

The question, “What is meaningful?” seems to be largely inseparable from, “Who do you value?”

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