Welcome to Fame Quest

I found researching and writing for this Caesura Letters mini-series particularly compelling and introspective…

For the following two weeks (September 29-October 10, 2014), the Caesura Letters invites you to join an exploration deep into one of the most intricate aspects of our humanity — our impulse to be known and recognized by others. From Achilles’ heroism to our Twitter feeds, we will unpack various (and conflicting) perspectives on honour, fame, influence, and renown. It is a theme that bears itself out equally in our own innermost ambitions as in the collective landscape of our sociology. Welcome to Fame Quest. Subscribe now and join us.

Hereby humbling accepting all the ironies of broadcasting an inquiry into the practice of self-promotion, I do hope that you will subscribe to the Caesura Letters (if you have not already done so) and join the quest.

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