Ways of Seeing

My newest book is released today.

Ways of Seeing is the fifth volume of the Caesura Letters, the quarterly journal of compelling and provocative ideas. It is available in paperback and ebook formats.

Ways of Seeing is all about — you guessed it — different ways of looking at the world. This volume is especially focused on leadership and community. In the process of writing, I have had many of my own “social assumptions” challenged, and I hope it provokes you as well.


The book is divided into six chapters:

  • Navigating Assumptions – the terrific power of everything we take for granted.
  • Body and Soul – are humans born a blank slate? What is innate? What is learned?
  • Life Collective – the assumptions and expectations that allow us to build societies.
  • Organizing Ourselves – where do the rules come from, anyway?
  • The Helpful and the Hurtful – assuming that we are helping doesn’t necessarily help.
  • Leadership in the Hive – ok, now how do we actually go somewhere together?

Caesura Letters Volume IV: Then and Again

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