Ultimate Questions of Personal Identity

As regular subscribers of the Caesura Letters know, we often (but not always) structure our weekly letters around themes. This coming week (May 12-16) is one such example: we will be exploring ultimate questions of personal identity. (Ok, ‘ultimate’ is totally hyperbolic: we’ve done our best to tackle the biggest questions, but clearly our list is up for debate!)

We are going to revisit some of literature’s most canonized declarations about selfhood (like, ‘Know thyself’, and ‘To thine own self be true’). We are going to second-guess prevalent, received wisdom about the virtues of sincerity and authenticity. We are going to take a critical eye to our popular narratives about uniqueness, specialness, and destiny. We will talk about ‘finding ourselves’, ‘being ourselves’, and ‘searching ourselves’.

Subscribers, I’m really looking forward to hear your thoughts and reactions to this mini-series. I would love your feedback, critique, and response.

And for those who have not yet subscribed, please join us!

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