Then and Again

Then and Again is the fourth volume of the Caesura Letters, the quarterly journal of compelling and provocative ideas. It is available in paperback and ebook formats.

Author Notes

This volume is a landmark for the Caesura Letters periodical: along with the past three volumes, it completes the collection for our first year of publication! We also made some tweaks to the typography and formatting.


Then and Again explores the theme of the imagination from several different perspectives. We contemplate the history of art: where did the idea of aesthetics come from and how did it become its own category of creation? And we wrestle with some thinkers who warn of the dangers the “monopolized imagination” — when society’s creativity is usurped by an overriding and all consuming narrative. This leads us to explore some critical issues about the interpretation of text. Then, jumping from the sociological theory of Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann, we consider how the social imagination we have inherited creates institutions and cultural norms that we come to believe are “real” in objective terms.

Speaking of socially influential ideas, we also visit the work of Alfred Adler, whose ideas about inferiority, over-compensation, memory, and creativity have had significant impact on concepts within psychology.

Personally, my favourite ‘segment’ of reflections consider the issue of death from some unique angles. What do we have to learn from the one thing which we all share in common?

Caesura Letters Volume IV: Then and Again

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