The power of educational institutions

The power of educational institutions does not reside in their pedagogy, their learning environments, nor in the resources they provide. The power of a school is the authority to certify, accredit and credentialize the completion of a curriculum.

2 thoughts on “The power of educational institutions

  1. I have spent some, as yet unfocused, time reflecting on the irony of the educational institution. A few years ago I read, lightly, a book about the origins of _the university_. I started thinking about the sequences that lead from teachers forming together into Universities, hiring administrators to do what wasn’t teaching. Spring ahead to an age when the administration, now in full control, manage the professors into servitude.

    I guess I am saying the power is far more pervasive and terrible than we imagine if we start where we stand rather than look at a much wider context.

    • There is a passage in Bullshit Jobs by John Graeber that similarly argues that the university institution has fundamentally shifted from rewarding knowledge discovery and pedagogical excellence to rewarding administrative execution. In sum, administration exists to create more administration.

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