James. We have spent 7 million dollars on this white elephant to date that we know of. $4.2 million was the original budget. How much is it going to cost to fix???? Then let’s factor in the Southbank Erosion Protection plans from the original EA that have yet to be completed. Add in the fact that the Biotactic Fish Monitoring reports clearly show that fish passage has been compromised and the dam is a barrier. The pre & post construction monitoring results prove it. The SETC agreement with the COL was NO NET LOSS or they will be required to mitigate. Lastly, the islands that once were present below the dam were deemed nursery habitat by MNR and DFO. The new gate design has increased the velocity going over the them which in turn has obliterated this habitat. Can you say H.A.D.D. The city is going to have to mitigate this too. Then species at risk come in to play and it is another hurdle that the city is going to have to overcome. You get my drift??? Dam the river for what?? Historical Expectations of Recreational Use by a select few user groups while sacrificing the environment. The canoeing and rowing community have yet to provide 1 piece of scientific evidence which would support fixing the dam. All we get are their emotional pleas which is a pretty sad state of affairs.