There are plenty of reports and studies that were completed in 2015 showing the presence of identified species at risk by the UTRCA. This information was relayed to both the DFO and MNRF and there is a deadline of Dec. 2016 for the City to deliver a plan to those agencies outlining how they will resolve fish passage efficiency and attraction issues over the lowered doors along with how they could protect the habitat of the turtles, mussels, birds, fish and plants between the dam and Harris Park. No plan, no permits, no dam. It’s that simple… aka the “showstopper” that not only will prevent the dam from ever being repaired but would also complicates any associated projects like Back to the River that suggest the dam needs to be fixed for aesthetic and recreational purpose. The other fact is that there are no lost business or recreational opportunities being realized without a functional dam… Plenty of places to paddle canoes safely including the coves, westminster ponds and the river itself. The LCC should be back in the city… just operating different. Point to point canoeing from Harris to Springbank Parks, good parking and accessible launches with canoes for rent and bicycles to ride the trails back upstream. Green, healthy and it supports all the City objectives with killing the inhabitants of the river that cannot speak up.