The Big Announcement

Today I am happy to announce the release and launch of the Caesura Letters…

A digital magazine subscription
delivered as daily inbox interventions.

Each letter concisely shares a thought,
a beautifully written prompt, a reminder
to gather your mind, sharpen your focus
before you forge ahead
and capture your day.

Please take a few minutes to peruse for a concise and comprehensive overview. You can also download a free, full week preview from the site.

A Few Personal Notes

After many years of blogging, experimenting, copywriting, and learning, I am excited to write in a professionally committed and dedicated capacity. Thank you to everyone who has helped to shape, tweak, critique, and polish this project (both conceptually and technically) — your support has been invaluable and incredible! I’d especially like to thank Michelle, Matt, Patrick, Pat, Ronny, Aldous, and Christine for their continual encouragement and motivation. The Caesura Letters has been in development since late February, and I am truly indebted to everyone who has contributed to its formation.


The underlying concept of the Caesura Letters is a daily, inspirational magazine in digital form. A regular subscription to the Caesura Letters is $6.29 per month, but you are invited to take advantage of the launch special and sign up for only $4.99 per month. (This offer is valid on all subscriptions activated from now until Thursday, July 5th.)

The first issue will be sent this Monday (July 2nd, 2012). If you would like to consider yourself a “founding member” of the Caesura Letters community, be sure to register this weekend to receive the inaugural issue (landing in inboxes very early Monday morning).

Please subscribe at the Caesura Letters.