Meditation of a Poll Official

On Thursday I worked as a poll supervisor for Elections Ontario. I have joined election teams for the last couple provincial and federal elections. I cannot fully explain my enthusiasm for working election days. The days are long and mentally exhausting, and yet strangely rewarding and enlightening. To be a poll official is to spend …


Careerism means participating in a commonly understood competitive point scheme to achieve an arbitrary definition of victory, awarded with ritualistically significant tokens of achievement. In other words, a sport.

DWYL is bad YOLO advice

“Do what you love?” Perhaps the ultimate triumph of capitalism was convincing us that we should all find and define the purpose and meaning of our lives in our employment.

Who said work is supposed to be meaningful?

In this weekend’s newsletter, we explore the ideas we assume about our work. Where does the idea of a ‘career’ emerge in history? When did we come up with this idea that employment is ‘supposed’ to provide a sense of transcendent value beyond the paycheque?


I have learned much from people who have said little. The value of words has nothing to do with their quantity.