What if Twitter was a State-Owned Enterprise?

Governments fund public libraries and public broadcasters because equal access to information is of paramount important in liberal democracies. Why not state-owned social media, too?

Narcissism Unleashed

Humanity has a long history of ridiculing the pride and egos of its constituents. It is a timeless preoccupation. So is our narcissism now really more intense than ever before?

Reign of the Algorithm

To what extent can we say ‘content is king’ if the visibility of content relies on the calculation of a third party ranking system?

To Code is Human

Yesterday I learned how to do a media query in CSS. When I learn bits of code I am always taken aback by how the complexity of computer languages is only surpassed by its creativity. Coding, even if it appears like gibberish, is 100% human. We made this stuff up. And, like verbal language, digital …


On becoming slaves to our stories of freedom.

In the Present. Demand Delays.

Our constant, relentless need to be “up-to-date” is an eternal vacuum with a dead end. Where do we suppose that this vortex will end? What exactly is the treasure that we think exists at the end of the newsfeed rainbow? While our culture of technology preaches the gospel of “constant connectivity” with the fervor of …

Is it Worth the Interruption?

Dear Everybody, Before you post it, tweet it, or press that Submit button, please ask yourself one simple question: Is it worth the interruption that it will cause others? Supposing the roles were reversed, would you desire that article of data you are publishing to invade your consciousness? Is it helpful? Does it offer anything …

Blank Paper

Here is my premise: all the technology in the world cannot create a more neutral working environment than a blank sheet of paper. Nothing comes with fewer agendas or predeterminants. Simply, blank paper does not presuppose anything about the nature of the creation. Literally, it’s boundaries are nothing but it’s edges, which themselves can be …

I Heart Your Icon

Dave Humphrey recently wrote a post on the possibility of expressing love online. His question, essentially, was this: can humans genuinely express love (deep friendship, appreciation) to one another over the medium of digital communication? Reflecting on his post reminded me of some statements made by Hans Urs Von Balthasar in Love Alone is Credible, …