If you can’t do anything about it, why are you worrying about it?

[This is part one of a series reevaluating some propositions that I perceived as crucial and important in my early thirties.] Proposition: I can­not con­trol peo­ple or sit­u­a­tions, only my responses and reac­tions to them. I have noth­ing to lever­age for my own hap­pi­ness except my own attitude. Since writing the above paragraph in 2010, …

Do not write off realism

Do not write off realism for its curmudgeonliness. There is no greater hope than the latent joy residing in the anguish of complete honesty. After all, even nihilism is nothing but a floating signifier and, in this respect, it is synonymous with meaning.

The sooner you realize

The sooner you realize that you’re gonna be just another irrelevant footnote in the bargain bin of history, the sooner you can get on with the marvellousness of living your life.

Life is like a bus stop

Life is like a bus stop or a waiting room: you can complain about the wait, distract yourself until it is over, or figure out a way to make the most of it. Regardless, the wait is temporary.

A Minimalist Income

What if instead of asking ‘How much do we need to be happy?’ we ask, instead, ‘How little do we need to be happy?’

Hope Actually

Everyone hopes to live in a society that reflects and reinforces their values. This hope is universal. It is everywhere.

Despair; Malignant Surety

Only an eye so foolish to claim that it has seen everything can claim there is nothing worth being seen.

Do What You Love?

Could one of the most popular slogans of our time be a Trojan horse that is eroding our appreciation for real work?