This ain’t the fringes

Social media went from this ‘thing’ that could ‘influence’ political campaigns to the frontline battlefield of geopolitics. And now we suddenly realize that the discourses of our democracies and republics are mediated and hosted by private corporations. Digital literacy is democratic literacy. The two are not distinct.

Whose rights, bodies, and property are legally protected

Whose rights, bodies, and property are legally protected by the chivalrous class toting ’ladies first’ as a slogan? What hides subjugation as well as moralistic self-confidence? When do you decide to ignore the language and look at the structure instead?

Remember that political slogans about tolerance

Remember that political slogans about tolerance are not a proxy for hearts and minds. Peace is not a glossy policy paper about the merits of multiculturalism. The only thing that really matters is how we actually treat one another. #RememberJan29

I wonder

I wonder how many net hours of productivity are lost every time the whole world has to stop and wrap its head around another presidential tweet?

How much of an impact can the mayor of a city have on the community?

In this conversation in the Curious Public at Central Library series, Kate Graham (@KateMarieGraham) discusses her dissertation, Leading Canada’s Cities: A Study of Urban Mayors. Kate is a PhD student in the Political Science Department at Western University. Learn more about her research at ‘Mayors Project,’ where she is exploring the role of the mayor in …

The Good, Great, Bad, and Terrifying: adapting to the world of social media

When we weigh all the pros and cons, does social media come out as a net good or as a liability for society? …does it bring people together to mobilize for their rights? Or just give corporations and governments the ability to track our every move? …does it introduce us to new ideas and different …