Hope Actually

Everyone hopes to live in a society that reflects and reinforces their values. This hope is universal. It is everywhere.

Narcissism Unleashed

Humanity has a long history of ridiculing the pride and egos of its constituents. It is a timeless preoccupation. So is our narcissism now really more intense than ever before?

Hot Showers

It is good to like your work. But only to a degree.

Writing is a Way of Life

The discipline of writing brings a unique perspective to lifeā€¦ it frames the way you inquire of the world.

Despair; Malignant Surety

Only an eye so foolish to claim that it has seen everything can claim there is nothing worth being seen.

Free-Range Teamwork

Working well together does not require us to be on the same team. In some cases, teams themselves can be an impediment to teamwork.