Intentional bloggers

Hi Colin, I appreciated your post about the scale of social networks and how fits in the picture. I prefer reading people’s blog posts above all else. I’ve lost interest in learning about all the minutiae of people’s lives that has come to characterize social media use in general, mostly because I’ve lost interest …

Farewell Social Media

I recently purged the data from my Facebook account. This effort was shockingly labour intensive: it took a browser script all weekend to crunch, and still many aspects of the process required manual execution. Torching years and years of old Facebook activity felt so liberating that I found another script to do the same thing …

If I could go back in time

If I could go back in time, I’d tell my former self to begin compiling a bibliography of citations much earlier than I did. If it is worth reading, it must be worth notating, cataloguing, and archiving in a trustworthy system for future reference.

Funny how changing one specific digit on the calendar

Funny how changing one specific digit on the calendar inspires so much reflection and resolution. I like how every New Year prompts these annual traditions of refocusing and recalibration. Let’s make this kind of intentionality a habit. Happy New Year!

Remember, kids

Remember, kids, it is astronomically easier to just not eat thousands of extra calories than it is to burn them off later. The secret to effortless calorie loss is here! Follow my satirical Instagram for holiday inspiration: @instametabolize