Define the problem

If you don’t define the problem, the problem defines you. Clear direction for action is pursuant to sharpness of clarity on the problem. Yes, your definition is inadequate and incomplete, requiring evolution and iteration, but it defines the next step.

Blumbling around

As long as I am bumbling around — stumbling in the dark, ¬†unable to land, asking the wrong questions for honest reasons — I think I am probably going in the right direction. Experience and historical precedence suggest that I am at my most dangerous when I think I’ve got everything figured out.¬†

Best practices are not inherently above scrutiny

Josh Ducharme posted a few thoughts about best practices the other day that got me thinking. The concept of a ‘best practice’ is both critically important and insidiously limiting. Once you know you are conducting your work under parameters set by best practices, why bother being critical, curious, or interrogating the efficacy of your practice …