The most self-aware people

The most self-aware people I know seem to be the people who are the most critical and suspicious of their self-awareness.

Constructive, thoughtful criticism

Constructive, thoughtful criticism ruins one for empty flattery. Honest feedback — not accolades — is the treasure worth seeking. And giving. Be known for truth-telling.

If you can’t possibly imagine

If you can’t possibly imagine a scenario where your mindset changes, evolves, or adapts, then you possess a ‘mindset’ in the sense of dried concrete — ‘mindstuck.’ Or: ‘this mind hereby refuses to actually think any further.’ A solidified mind is basically ‘set’ like a brick.

The more I learn

The more I learn about anything, the less certain I am about everything.


It’s funny how the smartest people tend to be the ones who agree with me.

Prejudice and Power

We cannot talk about the prejudice of individuals without talking about the institutions of their society.