Attention as Generosity

Consider this proposition — the words of Simone Weil: Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity. (Hat tip to Kathleen Fitzpatrick for the excellent sleuthing work to verify the source.) It’s a profound one-liner. These nine simple words prompt the question: Who, or what, receives my purest attention?

Writing versus Posting?

Surely writing has been in flux and evolution since our earliest etchings, and the advent of the internet has only ushered in yet another transformative epoch to the practice. So how does the post-to-share structure of social media change the act of stringing words together? I am wondering: is there a difference between ‘posting’ and …

Attention Economy

What does it mean when most of our attention is consumed by the pursuit of attracting the attention of others?

Is it Worth the Interruption?

Dear Everybody, Before you post it, tweet it, or press that Submit button, please ask yourself one simple question: Is it worth the interruption that it will cause others? Supposing the roles were reversed, would you desire that article of data you are publishing to invade your consciousness? Is it helpful? Does it offer anything …

Focus: Controlling the Inputs of Social Media

As recently discussed in the post about intentionality on Twitter, the engines of social media do precisely the opposite of turning distractions off. Rather, they fuel a nicotine-like addiction to a splattering of “de-focusing” stimulants. Every Tweet, every status update, is like another carcinogen propagating the erosion of your focused attention. The Theoretical Framework We …