Surveying the Local Journalism Scene

Looking to the future, we wonder: how will we, as a community, stay informed on what is happening in our city and monitor the decisions and actions of our elected officials? Who is investing the time to investigate the activities of corporations and power brokers? As old media revenue models heave and shift under new technological and cultural pressures, the way we will answer this question is much less predictable than it used to be. For more than a century, local newsrooms have fueled democracy, holding municipal leaders, governments, and ‘big brass’ business to account, but today the future and sustainability of local investigative journalism is far from clear. What is at stake?

Jennifer O’Brien (@JeninLdnont) is a well known and highly respected journalist and reporter in London. She worked at the London Free Press for 16 years. She has reported extensively on diversity, multiculturalism and is especially interested in issues related to equity and social justice.

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