Caesura Letters: Volume XV


Arising and Passing

Released 12/22/2015



Arising and Passing is divided into eight thematic sections:

The Classroom of Life explores several classic and obscure texts from history about the nature and role of education in our development, both in the classroom and in the world.

Chatting with Oliver asks: how can we foster understanding with people who are ideologically polarized from us?

Some Riffs on Religion examine how our convictions about the transcendent shape everything.

Donella’s System provides some reflections inspired by Donella Meadow’s classic paper on systems thinking.

Mediums and Messages is a wildly diverse chapter about containers and contexts of our communications. In turn, This Networked Life asks: has online space become the equivalent of a global community’s ‘town square’ for the sharing of ideas?

All About You ponders some big ideas from psychology and history about the nature of self-control and discipline.

Finally, An Ode to Friendship includes a few pieces about our connections to one another.

This volume includes pieces by Daniel Nesbit, Ryan Lukings, Charlotte Lynch, Thomas Thayer, and Cal Chayce. I think Arising and Passing serves as a great culmination of Caesura Letters initiative — and is also a terrific way to discover the series for the uninitiated. I’m excited to share it with you, and I hope you find it inspiring, provocative, and meaningful.

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