Spring Cleaning Notes

If you read this blog in your inbox via the weekly newsletter, you will notice that your email looks quite a bit different this week:

  • The formatting has been updated to virtually ‘replicate’ the online reading experience. Several typography improvements should make the newsletter text much easier to read on mobile devices.
  • The newsletter also includes a ‘Discussion Board’ section that shares some of the responses and critiques posted by other readers.

If you have not subscribed to the weekly newsletter yet, give it a try!

If you read this blog in a web browser, you will also notice some enhancements: significantly improved site navigation on mobile devices and an unobtrusive wayfinding menu for full browsers. And I realize this is mostly a nostagic throwback to the Internet circa 2004, but a Discussion Board has also been added to the site as well.

I don’t say this enough, but it should often be repeated: I’m immensely thankful for the WordPress platform and the ecosystem of developers that it has inspired. Without tools like WordPress, this blog and newsletter would not be possible: I’m a writer, not a coder, and I wouldn’t have the foggiest clue how to create this space from scratch. In a spirit of gratitude, I made an acknowledgments page to share the love.

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