I can’t imagine how such an honour system approach wouldn’t be easily – and immediately – manipulated by groups as to render the results useless. Focus should instead be on the accountability factor itself, where the onus is on incumbents to adequately explain why they broke whatever percentage of promises they made, as that number is required to be prominently displayed in every media source pertaining to the current election.
As for corporate influence over elections: they need to be taken out of the picture entirely, as no campaign reform measures can ever amount to anything as long as they control from up high. The people shouldn’t need to form an army of sorts to combat the corps; the corps should just be rendered impotent from the get-go.
These are the powers that know *all* the people would be united against their corruption and control – if we were given the chance to be united. So they keep the people split between often negligible left and right issues, increasingly so, to negate the possibility of us coming together over what really matters: defeating corporate power and control over government in ways designed to benefit the few over the many.
This is where the people need to start: unite against corruption. The People vs The Corps. Regardless of political slant, vote – en masse – only for candidates who agree to accountability rules that remind them who they are supposed to be serving.