Caesura Letters

From July 1, 2012 to December 31, 2015 I published the Caesura Letters. Each ‘letter’ presents a thought or idea, positioned around a question: How might this affect the next 24 hours of my life? All fifteen volumes were published via email, ebook, and paperback.

The three and a half years that I spent on the project proved to be an incredibly rewarding ‘sabbatical’ of sorts, and these years also laid much of the conceptual groundwork for (what would later become) several full blown writing endeavours.

The Caesura Letters remain available as fifteen individual volumes, as they were originally released in 2012-2015 in their quarterly format. I hope you find this collection of ‘letters’ to be an invitation to pursue mindfulness in everything. For myself, they still represent an immensely valuable chapter of reflection and contemplation.

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