We Can’t All Be Above Average

Podcast episode: The “Dunning–Kruger effect” shows that people who are unskilled and incompetent often tend to overestimate their abilities. The problem with not being good at something is that you don’t know just how bad you really are. There’s something to be said for not thinking of yourself as “above average”… such people tend to be a bit more honest with themselves.

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Previous Podcast Archive

As I prepare to relaunch my podcast here on jamesshelley.com, I have consolidated and archived all of my past podcast productions below. These are here for posterity, I suppose. And to aid in the on-going diminishment of my ego: there is little else more humbling than listening to your former self say things with confidence.

Old Podcast Episodes

  1. Rewiring the Homo Sapiens
  2. When Philanthropy Kills
  3. Creative Impetus, Digital Canvas
  4. The Occupy Success?
  5. Compassion is an Exit Strategy
  6. Capacity and Passion

Inventing a Planet Episodes (Even Older)

  1. Interfaith Dialogue
  2. Medium and Message
  3. Free Culture
  4. Bomb a Wedding
  5. Addictions Anonymous
  6. Mere Mortals
  7. I am the Middle East
  8. Supply and Demand
  9. Tick Tock
  10. Imagining a Planet
  11. Specialists
  12. The Curse of Certainty

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