Heading to #OLASC on VIA 84

When I am travelling from London to Toronto by myself I often opt for train 84, which I affectionately refer to as the ‘milk run’ because it makes so many stops in smaller communities along the way. It is a whole hour longer than other more direct trains that link the two cities. Taking the train provides valuable headspace to think, read, and (as in this case) prepare for upcoming presentations. I consider the extra hour a free ‘bonus’ of extra quiet time. The ‘milk run’ is an opportunity.

Introducing the System Thinker Notebook: a tool for thinking strategically

I’m excited to kick off the New Year with a new teaching resource: the System Thinker Notebook. I started compiling this tool last year, in response to a surge in opportunities to instruct and consult about complexity and system theory. The Notebook provides leaders and students with a creative ‘in-session workbook’ that doubles as a comprehensive ‘take-home bibliography’ of crucial concepts, resources, and strategies.

We make the path

We make the path and the path makes us. We define the path by walking and the path defines our journey. Every path tells a story and every story recounts a path.

A Little Dehumbugification

I’m not exactly what one would typically describe as a ‘highly enthusiastic participant’ when it comes to the holiday season, but I really did enjoy Dennis Garnhum’s production of The Christmas Carol at the The Grand. A great adaptation of a classic.

Therapy session

After a two-week injury-induced hiatus, it was so good to be back in the saddle again this evening. Felt a lot longer than two weeks, though. Endorphins, I missed you.

Setting up for #CuriousPublic

Tonight’s panel is all about questions–asking them, seeking them, and listening to them. How do the questions we ask shape our lives? How do questions help us discover our own blind spots? Join Jennifer, Janet, Heenal and myself on the second floor of Central Library at 7pm to join the question-asking frenzy.