While searching for a design update for this blog, I had three principles in mind: text-centric, responsive, and minimal. Although the WordPress theme development community is immense to say the least, I was quite surprised that how few themes have been developed recently that fit this criteria. My friend, Pat, who is an actual designer (unlike me, a hack), explained this is due to the fact that writing-based themes just do not sell as well as portfolio and business focussed themes. Not surprising, I guess. After all, authors are not known for being big spenders.

I did, however, finally discover a theme that fit the bill perfectly. It’s called Oita. The design and functionality of these theme vastly exceeded my expectations. I am truly impressed with the execution of the off-canvas layout as well. After somewhat frustrating search for a design appropriate for this site, I just wanted to take a moment to thank Ellen and Manuel at Germany-based Elmastudio for both their terrific work on Oita.

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