Nurtured Curiosity

You know that sense of discovery you feel when you hear someone describe a hypothesis or explain an idea in a way that you had never thought of before? It is as if doors open to whole new worlds. For me, that spark of intrigue is the essence of curiosity, and it is something that I wanted to grow and foster in my life. I wanted the exposure to thoughtful, reflective insights to be a central part of my daily routine.

In short, I wanted to nurture a discipline of curiosity.

I started looking for a periodical that would systematically prompt me to look at the world from different angles — a tool to discover new avenues of exploration, regardless of their conceptual categorization. More than a trivia magazine, op-ed, or a collection of facts, I wanted to find a publication that focussed on ideas — especially ideas of historical pertinence, immediate interest, and future consequence.

Alas, I could not quite find what I was looking for, so about six months ago I launched the Caesura Letters — The interdisciplinary journal of inspiring and provocative ideas. The Caesura Letters is a magazine for the curious and inquisitive; a daily prompt to dissect, ponder, and sculpt our perspective of the world.

Today, I am excited to announce that the Caesura Letters has graduated into a full-fledged periodical: readers can now subscribe to quarterly published paperback editions, ebook instalments, or receive the magazine in daily segments via email.

If your heart is likewise quickened by the pursuit of learning, I invite you to subscribe to the Caesura Letters and join the adventure. Given the brevity of life, there seems to be two courses we can take: anchor our minds on the comfortable shores of certainty, or set off into territory yet uncharted by our mental compass. My hope is that the Caesura Letters will inspire you to undertake daily excursions into realms of new ideas.