A moment of salient awareness

A moment of salient awareness
Of just what it means to be here
A bundle of molecules
Clinging to this relatively inconspicuous rock
Hurling through a universe
A universe with or without parameters and borders
A universe with or without parallels and corollaries
I can’t fathom even the simplest explanations for it all:
Rewind every theory and retell every origin story
Every account asks me to consent to the inconceivable
It all begins with something that was never started
Or a medium materializing from nothing
Which means, ultimately, I don’t know anything
Or why there is something instead of nothing
Every fact and precept I cherish
Is just an emergent property of the whole
The mystery of being pervades everything
Making everything inscrutable
How hilarious are my arguments?
Look how I perch my ego on my conclusions about the inconclusive!
Come, laugh at my confident pretensions to knowledge
When you hear me suggest
That there is only one legitimate way
Of being, or seeing, or knowing on this planet
Remind me that I’m just another fool in the universe
A fool who can only perceive the universe
Through one set of eyes
A view hued by history and heuristic
Even more unique than the configuration of my gnome
Oh, how tightly the whole of creation orbits my fragile ego
Happy in my self-assurance
Reveling in the idea that my analysis of existence
Corresponds to some kind of final actuality
Gleefully confident that my particular path in life
Has fortuitously granted me this uncanny chance
To understand the final, objective nature of things
Far more accurately than anyone
Who happens to disagree with me

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