Love Your Stuff

Photo by Kevin Van Lierop

My friend Abe quoted an idea he heard from William Cavanaugh at a recent conference.

Consumerism is actually about detachment from stuff, rather than attachment to it. Our relationships with products are fleeting, making us seek out more.

This is a great paradigm. We tend to think that consumerism is about loving our stuff. But it’s not. Consumerism is a result of not loving our stuff at all. In fact, we have so little regard or respect for our material goods that we dispose and replace them with ever increasing regularity.
Part of the cure for over-consumption is to become more materialistic. That is, if you want to stop consuming more and more, you need to appreciate the goods that you already have. Cherish things. Reuse things. Love your stuff.

One thought on “Love Your Stuff

  1. whoa… I think this is it. I always thought if only I can give things away I’ll be fine. but inside I’d sometimes think, now I don’t feel guilty buying a new one! The flaw in my thinking has been exposed.

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