Learning from the Past: being an update on the writing project

I'm working on a book. Here are some of the ideas I am developing along the way. Thoughts?

Yes. I am still working on a book about literature, history, and time. I began seriously developing this project in January, when the Caesura Letters transitioned to a free weekly edition. (And, admittedly, like many who study and write about their passions ‘on the side’, I find balancing writing with ‘the day job‘ to be a constant challenge: occasionally this project has found itself relegated too many rungs down in the triage of priorities.) Slow as it might be at times, however, progress continues. I am really captivated by the thesis and ethos of the project.

I would like to a) provide a bit of an update about this work-in-progress and b) invite your comments and constructive input on some ideas related to it. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to share some thoughts with friends at the City Symposium — our local ‘self-led, peer-learning network of inquisitive minds and life-long learners’. This is an amazingly diverse group of people who like to think and talk. It was a great chance to ‘float’ some ideas and garner more feedback and insight.

Today, I’d like to share some of these ideas with you, in the same spirit. These thoughts are intended to spark some dialogue. What do you think? (The audio below is a recording of my ‘discussion prompts’ for the City Symposium on Wednesday, April 13, 2016.)

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