Leadership and Uncertainty: Stay the Course

The clarity comes from the conviction one is doing the right thing. The liberation comes in accepting that this is enough. (In conversation with Jeremy Nathan Marks, Matt Ross, AnnaLise Trudell, and Leslee Whiteye.)

Compounding unknowns can distract one from the basics: it’s easy to forget the liberation that comes with the conviction that one is doing the right thing and remembering that this is enough. In this conversation with Jeremy Nathan Marks, Matt Ross, AnnaLise Trudell, and Leslee Whiteye, we reflect on the joy of staying in your lane amid chaos and uncertainty. (Recorded Wednesday, June 3, 2020)

Jeremy Nathan Marks is an educator who is both self-employed at DEMOI Independent Learning and works at the Infinity School. He is an author of poetry, stories, and essays and dabbles in photography.

Matt Ross (@mattasross) is the Manager of Artificial Intelligence, at the City of London. He is responsible for identifying, prototyping and implementing value adding and impactful uses of AI for the local municipal government.

Dr. AnnaLise Trudell (@annatrudell) is Manager of Education, Training & Research at Anova. She is a seasoned public educator and facilitator with over 500 presentations engaging youth, professionals & post-secondary students through public education.

Leslee Whiteye (@l_whiteye) currently works in Indigenous education and governance for eight First Nations at an inter-nation table called the First Nations with Schools Collective in Ontario seeking jurisdiction over education. She is the former Chief of the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation.

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One thought on “Leadership and Uncertainty: Stay the Course

  1. Thank you for hosting this conversation James, and a sincere thank you to each of the speakers. I was particularly struck by Lesley Whiteye’s reference to The Doctrineof Discovery. In The Christian creation story around the myth of Adam and Eve, and the Doctrine of Discovery there is a distinct thread of thought that reinforces patriarchy and white colonial privilege.

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