Leadership and Uncertainty: Standing Still and Moving Forward

In this conversation, Tanaz Javen, Gracen Johnson, Kate Graham, Sameer Vasta, and Thomas Peace explore uncertainty from many angles. What if our concept of a leader as “the person who makes the right decisions” isn’t grounded in the reality of what leadership truly demands? Is compassion what we find at the intersection of uncertainty and vulnerability? Who do we choose to be in the situation we find ourselves in? (Recorded on Monday, June 1, 2020.)

Tanaz Javen (@JTanaz) teaches meditation at the Wellness Centre at Western. She also teaches psychology and media courses both at Western and Fanshawe College. She works as a life coach and counsellor with people who suffer from depression and anxiety and facilitates workshops on mindfulness meditation and communication skills.

Gracen Johnson (@gracenjohnson) is an educational designer with a passion for town-building. She is a co-founder of the Incremental Development Alliance, a US-based nonprofit that trains locals to rebuild the essentials of a strong neighbourhood in the places they love. Gracen was raised in London and now lives in Toronto with her hound dog.

Kate Graham (@KateMarieGraham) researches, writes, teaches and speaks about politics in Canada’s cities. She works as the Director of Research at the Canadian Urban Institute, and teaches in the Political Science Departments at Western University and Huron University College.

Sameer Vasta (@vasta) is a letter-writer, urban explorer, tea-drinker, and strong believer that public service and civil society, working together, can create the meaningful, impactful, and equitable change that we all need.

Thomas Peace (@tpcanoe) is an assistant professor of Canadian History at Huron University College. He writes for, and edits, ActiveHistory.ca, a website dedicated to making the work of historians more accessible to the public.

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