KT for Everyone

Since ‘reemerging’ from my research and writing ‘sabbatical’, I have been busy building an independent Knowledge Translation and videography consulting practice.

If you say ‘knowledge translation’ in a room full of healthcare professionals and public health researchers, chances are good that most people will know what you are talking about. But if you say ‘knowledge translation’ just about anywhere else, you tend to get some confused looks.

Since Knowledge Translation (KT) is all about ‘moving’ information, I took it upon myself to develop a ‘knowledge tool’ to explain KT itself. This video exists to answer the question, ‘What is Knowledge Translation?’ for anyone who might care to ask. My goal here is simply to ‘translate’ the concept of KT for new students and general audiences. This should not be considered an exhaustive analysis. Further resources and references are posted at the conclusion of the video for those interested in learning more.

Watch the video at http://youtu.be/smSutjuwfSo or at my Knowledge Translation home page.

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