In order to enjoy a simpler life, you do NOT need to read this post

Several years ago I read a book called Simplicity: The New Competitive Advantage in a World of More, Better, Faster. The premise is compelling. And some of the ideas in the book are interesting. But much of the book is not very ‘simple’ at all. In fact, it gets strangely complicated at parts.

I think the problem is that there just isn’t much to be said about simplicity after a hundred or so pages on the topic. Maybe it is easy to say more than needs to be said about the beauty of simplicity. Perhaps it is a risk I am taking right now?

Past a few basic physiological necessities, my life is rarely simplified by adding more things to it. I suspect genuine simplicity is not a highly leverageable commodity, at least in an economic sense. Simplicity should be a curse to advertisers, less than an exploitable opportunity. I am highly suspicious when someone tries to sell me something with the promise that it will make my life simpler. How could adding yet another widget to my inventory of possessions, processes, contracts, and concerns possibility simplify my existence?

Beware any fad that promises to simplify life your life by up-selling you. You don’t need a book, an app, or a blog a post to bring greater simplicity to life. No barrier to entry is what makes simplicity special and beautiful in the first place: you don’t need anything at all to enjoy it, except the will and commitment to ditch whatever is unnecessarily complicated and getting in the way.

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