Here’s a Riddle

I have a riddle for you. Ready?

Here it goes: What affects everything you see, everything you purchase, and everything you eat? It creates the experience of your morning commute; it impacts the air you breathe; it even dictates your place in society itself. It only exists where humans exist, and it has existed as long as humans have lived. Can you guess what it is?

If you said, ‘culture’, you are close. But I’m thinking more specifically; a particular element within human culture: politics. Even though it is tempting to think of politics as irrelevant or unimportant to daily life, it is only because of current political arrangements that ignoring politics is really even an option today. In truth, our orders of hierarchical power, authority, and decision-making influence and shape nearly every aspect of the world we live in.

This week in the Caesura Letters, we will be exploring the all-encompassing nature of politics. We’re not thinking of politics in the sense of committee reports and resolutions — we’re thinking about politics in the sense that human governance directly shapes the experience of human life. Politics is not irrelevant. It is everything.

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