Great Explorations

It is time for another Caesura Letters book release!

Great Explorations is the sixth volume of the Caesura Letters, the magazine devoted the art of looking at the world differently. It is available in paperback and ebook formats.

Chapter Overview

  1. Self Betterment. From ancient looms, to 18th century writers, to stories about sticking logs in your eyes, we investigate the timeless questions about what it means to become better at being human.
  2. Of Laws and States. Whether protecting liberties or taking them away, governments are a powerful influence on the world we live in. From the tyranny of the majority to the tragedy of the commons, we explore some classic themes in political history…ideas that seem no less relevant today than the times in which they were first theorized.
  3. Nothing Without You. A series of reflections and meditations on social life, community, and interacting with one another.
  4. Minding Dreams. Daydreaming has a sordid history, once the activity of the slow and foolish, it is now increasingly understood to play an important role in our overall neurological wellbeing.
  5. To Feel is to Know. Emotions, it’s all about emotions. Is it possible to truly untangle feelings from abstract, calculating, rational headwork? What if our emotions define how we define ‘rational’? What if feeling is the beginning of knowing?
  6. Thoughts for Thinking. A diverse set of stories and illustrations (drawn from thinkers far more clever than I will ever be) to kick-start some rigorous, creative self-reflection.
  7. Chuang Tzu. A review of some of the teachings and parables by the feisty, creative, and contrarian fourth century BCE Chinese philosopher.

Caesura Letters Volume VI: Great Explorations

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