God Always Answers Prayer. Always.

Photo by Kevin Van Lierop

This is why traditional theism is inherently circular and logically self-dependent:
Scenario: We’re getting married. Let’s pray to God and ask for a beautiful, warm, sunny day.
If it’s a beautiful day, then God favorably answered our prayers. God is blessing our marriage.
If it’s a cloudy day, then God saw it right to provide us with a great day for the pictures.
If it’s a rainy, stormy day, then God is helping us build our trust and character; teaching us to surrender our desires to divine will.
If it’s a cyclone or tornado, then God is blessing us with a display of holy majesty through nature.
If an earthquake topples the building or swallows the wedding party into the abyss, then God will be glorified because there will be a few survivors amidst the disaster and rubble.
Thus, when you believe in God, God always answers your prayer. Always.
And again we ask: if we posit that “God” actually exists as a “thing,” how can that “thing” be anything more than a projection of human desire upon the otherwise uncontrollable forces of life? This God is simply an idol, no more eternal than a statue or a graven image, and no less human than our desires for warm, sunny days.

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