Facebook has nothing to do with friendship

‘If I leave Facebook I’ll lose my friends’ is only a rational concern if a) you subsequently fail to communicate with your ‘friends’ in another manner or b) you have ‘friends’ that prioritize using Facebook above sharing life with you in same other way.

Losing friends because you’re not on Facebook is only a valid concern to the extent that your ‘friends on Facebook’ are not really friends at all.

A more interesting question: who are your friends when your social life isn’t dictated and monopolized by a big, nasty advertising company that literally makes money by addicting you to feelings of rage, indignation, inadequacy, jealousy, and meaningless push-button approval? That, to me, seems like the more pertinent and pressing concern.

Facebook, in fact, has nothing to do with friendship.

4 thoughts on “Facebook has nothing to do with friendship

  1. @vasta I am stuck in a mental loop contemplating the coherency of ‘avatar-based interaction’ as a proxy or representation of ‘friendship,’ and wondering, evolutionarily speaking at least, to what extent we can rightfully conflate the two. We need to grab that beer soon. :)

  2. As someone who studied abroad in the UK for a year, attended three universities, a college, and high-school, Facebook has value to me, but I know the limits to that value which are very real.

    Mainly Facebook’s the most efficient means to stay connected with distant acquaintances, which I do value. Just read ‘The Letters of Adam Hope’ and you can get a sense of the internet’s value.

    Sorry for the necro-post, slow day at work and you have an interesting blog.

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