Everything I Really Want I Already Have

If I had endless riches and international fame I would finally realize that all I really want in life is a quiet evening to sit on my front porch with my wife and to sip on a glass of wine together as we make inside jokes about the neighbours who are probably clinically insane but mean so much to us that we could never bear the thought of leaving our neighbourhood to move to a place where famous people who don’t trust their neighbours move to when they have sold their existence on the planet for the pursuit of golden screen stardom and have their faces plastered on billboards and could never have enough trust in humanity again to be able to sit on my front porch in my neighbourhood without an army of security personnel and probably a public image consultant to explain to other famous people why in the world they are so desperate to escape the blinding glare of the public spotlight just long enough to feel blissfully and anonymously human again.

Everything I really want I already have.

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