The Art and Anatomy of a Question

The Art and Anatomy of a Question

How can we get better at asking important questions of ourselves and others?

Monday, November 13, 2017
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Central Library
251 Dundas St
London, Ontario

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Have you ever had a time in your life when a friend or colleague asked a question that made you stop and see the world differently? Have you ever pivoted or readjusted your approach to an issue because you thought of a way to think about it from a new perspective? Have you ever encountered a question that invited you to rethink your assumptions and biases in a safe and non-threatening way?

What is better than a good question? We think that’s a really a great question to start with.

Join us for a conversation all about learning how to ask better questions.

The Panel

Janet Frood (@janetfrood) is an internationally certified executive, leadership and team coach who works with leaders and organizations. She is a a caring and provocative ally for leaders and organizations as they boldly transform. Through her business Horizon Leadership she serves clients in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Janet is on the Faculty of CRR Global and is a member of the CXC Design Collective. She is also a Certified Facilitator of Dr. Brene Brown’s Daring Way Program.

Jennifer O’Brien (@JeninLdnont) is professional question-asker par excellence: she is a well known and highly respected journalist and reporter in London. Jennifer worked at the London Free Press for 16 years. She has reported extensively on diversity, multiculturalism and is especially interested in issues related to equity and social justice.

Heenal Rajani (@HeenalR) is a newcomer to Canada who has lived and worked on four continents and has visited over 60 countries. After graduating with a MA (Hons) from Oxford University, Heenal spent his early career working in local government and then served as a union organizer, before founding an international non-profit focusing on green building and environmental education. A new father, a poet and a co-tenant of Innovation Works, Heenal is passionate about collaboration and the power of community to effect social change.

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