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Is it Time to Redefine Leadership?

What happens when you apply a gender lens to popular portrayals of leadership?

Identity Politics

As a community, how should we navigate the space where identities and political agendas intersect one another?

Is Hate a Public Health Emergency?

At what point does (or did) an inability to discuss our differences lead us into a climate of violence?

Art changes people and people change the world

Exploring how art allows us to describe the present, define ourselves, and imagine our future.

On the Past, In the Present

Whatever it is that you love or hate, champion or confront, it all happens in this perplexing, beautiful, and damning thing we call ‘time.’

Drug policy in Canada: from alcohol to opioids

How do we, as a society, make the best policies about drug use? How are communities impacted?

The Origins of Totalitarianism

A community discussion about Hannah Arendt’s ideas on racism, ideology, and totalitarianism.

What do we actually mean when we say 'science'?

Or: when I say ‘evidence-based’, what do you think I am saying?

A Story Behind Every Street

Everything about every human-designed space comes down to human decisions. Who makes them?

Wretched of the Earth

A discussion about Frantz Fanon’s critiques of nationalism, imperialism, and colonization.