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Pub Night Book Discussion: 'The Colonizer and the Colonized' by Albert Memmi

“Every colonial nation carries carries the seeds of a fascist temptation in its bosom. What is fascism if not a regime of oppression for the benefit of a few?”

James' 40th Birthday

Well, I’m crossing the 40 year threshold… and what could be a better excuse to invite friends and family to gather for a night at the pub? Swing by anytime — 7pm onwards — to visit and chat and enjoy a pint (or a few). Hors d’oeuvres will be provided. There shall be zero speeches given.

What are some next steps towards 'Reconciliation' for individual Canadians?

A community conversation to address some critical questions and uncertainties for non-indigenous people seeking reconciliation in Canada.

Pub Night Book Discussion: 'The Real World of Technology' by Ursula Franklin

“Today’s real world of technology is characterized by the dominance of prescriptive technologies.”

Pub Night Book Discussion: 'Hayy Ibn Yaqzan' by Ibn Tufayl

“As Abdul-Hamid Khwaja put it, reason is untrue to itself if it does not lead to the ecstatic union.”

Pub Night Book Discussion: 'Ain’t I a Woman' by bell hooks

“The process begins with the individual woman’s acceptance that American women, without exception, are socialized to be racist, classist and sexist, in varying degrees, and that labeling ourselves feminists does not change the fact that we must consciously work to rid ourselves of the legacy of negative socialization.”

Pub Night Book Discussion: 'Society of the Spectacle' by Guy Debord

“Quotations are useful in periods of ignorance or obscurantist beliefs.”

Pub Night Book Discussion: 'On Rhetoric' by Aristotle

“There are, then, these three means of effecting persuasion. The man who is to be in command of them must, it is clear, be able to reason logically, to understand human character and goodness in their various forms, and to understand the emotions…”