Clearing a path through the complicated

I feel like I am on a personal rampage of simplicity as of late. It is as if I am bushwhacking my way through a dense foliage of complicated processes, procedures, and subroutines I have implemented over the years. My machete is Occam’s razor, slicing a new path through convoluted mazes of my making. At every turn, the same question: “Is there any way possible to simplify this?”

What I can I let go? What can I delete? How many accounts can I close? How many intermediary steps can be averted? Instead of automating processes, what processes can be eliminated?

And it is at this point you realize that nothing accomplishes as little as trying to do everything… and the potential of doing anything with excellence depends on the willingness to say ‘no’ to other things. Or, to put it positively: saying no to one thing means saying yes to something else.

As the old story in the Temple Bar (taken mercilessly out of context) goes,

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