Capacity and Passion

On March 27, 2012, I presented a session at TechAlliance’s Gearing Up for Growth conference entitled, Capacity and Passion: The Genetics of Transformative Leadership.

Everything that I believe or see as important in life connects to leadership.

Whether it is large, causal issues, or increasing the percentage of a market share, or the R&D and release of a new product — anytime we see things that need to happen we need change-makers. In the cultural-linguistic set we have inherited, we call these change-makers leaders.

Where we see a need for change, we see a need for leadership.

The audio of this presentation is available on the podcast. Broadly speaking, it is a synthesis of leadership theory models, the history of these models, and an exploration of a few themes that have been discussed here in the past:

You can also download…

I hope that you find the presentation thought-provoking, and most of all, I hope that it inspires you to hone your efforts and focus your vision as a change-maker on the planet.