‘Caesura Letters 2.0’ is here. And it is free.

At the end of November, it was announced that the Caesura Letters would cease to operate as a premium, paid-subscription. I am excited to announce that as of today the Caesura Letters is finally free. It no longer lives behind a paywall. Henceforth the Caesura Letters will publish weekly in a shorter format. (Subscribers: you have the option to receive each issue on either Saturday or Sunday morning. The configuration is accessible under Subscription Preferences.)

Like its predecessor, ‘Caesura Letters 2.0’ will explore many diverse themes, hinged together by the simple ambition to look at life from as many different angles as possible… An adventure in second-guessing the obvious. Disguised as a free weekly newsletter.

Here is the ‘abstract’ for the Caesura Letters:

Have you ever had an epiphany while reading a book or listening to a speaker? A moment when you suddenly saw the world differently? A moment when nothing changed except your perspective … but the new perspective changed everything? This site is about ideas and discoveries that are changing my perspective. It is about questions, thought experiments, and hypothetical propositions. It is about trying to catch a glimpse of my own biases, heuristics, and hubris. Thanks for reading along.

Please encourage your friends and network to subscribe. (Here’s a sign up link.) I am very thankful and indebted to everyone who has already helped spread the word.

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand years. Sometimes a picture can also be worth three and a half years. On July 1, 2012, I began publishing the first iteration of the Caesura Letters. Since then, I have written, on average, about 600 words for every weekday. For the last several months I have also enjoyed publishing some pieces from of a handful of wonderful contributing authors as well. Ultimately, when typeset, printed, and bound, this is what the last three and half years of my life looks like.

(If you would like to round up some archival back issues of ‘Caesura Letters 1.0’, all 15 volumes of the original series are still currently available for purchase as ebooks and paperbacks. Due to the six month lag between the email version and the quarterly version of the periodical, the material of volumes XIV and XV became the “lost letters” only published via email. However, to bring the whole series to a completion, they are now available in the same quarterly format as all the other volumes leading up to them.)

Today I am at a loss to express how thankful I am for the opportunity to spend so much time in such intensive, self-directed research. It is a privilege that I do not take for granted. I realize that I have just enjoyed an incredible paid sabbatical that I did nothing to deserve. I am immensely grateful to the many subscribers who made this possible and to my amazing wife Michelle for her unwavering support. I come to the end of this phase of the adventure truly humbled and filled with gratitude.

Transitions like this spark many mixed emotions. As fondly as I will remember the last few years, and as thankful as I am for this opportunity, I am also excited to now begin moving some new projects forward. The shift to publishing a free newsletter affords the capacity to get some other passions off the backburners.

The Caesura Letters is free, but if you’d like to chip in a few dollars to help offset server costs, donations are gratefully accepted here.

Thanks again for reading. I step into 2016 with the great hope and anticipation that we will continue to learn much together and from one another.

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