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Humble Inquiry: or, How to circumvent the pernicious inclination to fix other people

An emphasis on problem-solving can be problematic. And dangerous. When you set out to solve a problem, you march forward with an arsenal of assumptions: you are already convinced that a problem exists, you believe you ought to fix it, and you believe your solutions will be superior to the current state of things. That is a lot of assumptions. One does not need to look very hard to find examples of ‘problem solvers’ who only left a trail of greater problems in their wake.

Live theatre as co-creation: how to produce a 2.9 kiloton explosion on stage

At a panel discussion at The Grand Theatre on Thursday, playwright Trina Davies said that the distinctive difference between theatre and film is that the experience of a live performance is co-created with the audience. At the movies, the actors don’t know you are there. There is no relationship whatsoever. In theatre, the experience is produced together. A production without an audience does not ‘produce’ an analogue experience to what happens in an auditorium full of humans.

Introducing the System Thinker Notebook: a tool for thinking strategically

I’m excited to kick off the New Year with a new teaching resource: the System Thinker Notebook. I started compiling this tool last year, in response to a surge in opportunities to instruct and consult about complexity and system theory. The Notebook provides leaders and students with a creative ‘in-session workbook’ that doubles as a comprehensive ‘take-home bibliography’ of crucial concepts, resources, and strategies.