Grocery store strangeness

I can never get over the fact that grocery stores have ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ food sections — as if natural and healthy food is a specialized, niche product in the overall groceries market.

We have invented a strange world, people.

Let’s repurpose simpleton

I think we should repurpose the word ‘simpleton’ into something that isn’t so pejorative. There’s something to be said for circumventing the needlessly complicated. And to consider oneself a simpleton reflects a healthy sense of skepticism about the comprehensiveness of one’s knowledge.

Besides, what’s the opposite of a simpleton? A ‘complicaton’? Who’d want to hang out with one of those?

Using podcasts to augment the museum experience

I teamed up with Museum London to produce a special ‘curator walk-through’ podcast episode for the BGL: Spectacle + Problems exhibit. Grab the episode on your device, pick up your favourite headphones, and then come visit Museum London before August 26 to enjoy the full experience: art curator Cassandra Getty and members of the BGL collective provide commentary and background as they walk you through the exhibit. Experience and see the museum — and an incredible contemporary art installation — in a whole new way.

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