Thus endth the blog

Dear Readers, I am going on an indefinite hiatus from blogging and writing online. I will continue to share occasional updates with through email, but I am letting go of blogging for the time being. My writing priorities are shifting to long-form book projects. In the immediate, my focus is on completing a treatise on …


Reality: it is even better than the augmentation.

Social Timelines: Life Lost on the Curated Projections of Other People’s Lives?

I’m looking for agreement, disagreement, or reflections on the following proposition: Time spent reading social timelines is time lost. Scrolling through a timeline is time consumed by the curated projections of other people’s lives, which are absorbed wholly and only at the cost of living your own. Or, to put it another way: time spent …

Risk err in solidarity

Risk err in solidarity with those who tend to have decisions made for them, especially when the decisions are made against their will. The historical odds indicate that people without power are generally a reliable barometer for discerning justice. Look to them, not to the career-chasing experts, bureaucrats, and courtiers. The margin of moral error …

Crosswalk buttons

Crosswalk buttons are horrid devices. As a pedestrian, I resent that I must push a button to request permission to cross the street — just because I am not in a motorized vehicle at this intersection. Let’s talk about evils of vehicle-centric urban design.

Grocery store strangeness

I can never get over the fact that grocery stores have ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ food sections — as if natural and healthy food is a specialized, niche product in the overall groceries market. We have invented a strange world, people.

Let’s repurpose simpleton

I think we should repurpose the word ‘simpleton’ into something that isn’t so pejorative. There’s something to be said for circumventing the needlessly complicated. And to consider oneself a simpleton reflects a healthy sense of skepticism about the comprehensiveness of one’s knowledge. Besides, what’s the opposite of a simpleton? A ‘complicaton’? Who’d want to hang …

Attention as Generosity

Consider this proposition — the words of Simone Weil: Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity. (Hat tip to Kathleen Fitzpatrick for the excellent sleuthing work to verify the source.) It’s a profound one-liner. These nine simple words prompt the question: Who, or what, receives my purest attention?

241 Simcoe Street

There is a lively debate in my city over the proposed locations for a supervised drug injection facility. One city-endorsed location is 241 Simcoe Street — a public housing complex just outside of the downtown core. I am a diehard supporter and advocate for harm reduction and I think a supervised injection site would greatly …

Every human

Every human is as human as you. No qualifiers, clauses, caveats, or exceptions.

The System Made Me Do It

I somehow found myself thinking about a passage from Hannah Arendt’s 1951 landmark Origins of Totalitarianism while I was at the Thames Valley Family Health Team conference a few weeks ago. (I posted more about the conference earlier.) The event was about delivering primary health care, and Arendt’s book is about totalitarian regimes, which makes …