As one of many citizens

As one of many citizens who depend on safe and accessible sidewalks for work and daily life — no less than motorists depend on safe roads — I wonder how much more tax we’d need to pay to become equal citizens to drivers in snow removal prioritization?

4 thoughts on “As one of many citizens

    • It is amazing that a city prepared to spend hundreds of millions on a fancy Rapid Transit System still does not understand that riders must first walk to a bus stop. It shows how the basic needs of citizens are ignored as vast expensive day dreams are pursued as a panecea.

  1. An additional issue is the tendency to build sidewalks right beside roads rather than set back. It is uncomfortable and dangerous to start, then add the fact that any snow plowed from the road must land on the sidewalk. Why is it legal to push snow onto the sidewalk yet illegal to push snow onto a road.

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