Past Events

Awesome Failure Drop-in Recording Session

Get involved with the Awesome Failure community podcast project!

Awesome Failure Finale

Sharing the wisdom that our community has gleaned from our past failures.

Do Ontario's Regulations on Carding Pass the Oakes Test for Violating Charter Rights?

Susan Toth, a London-based lawyer, joins us to explain the ‘Oakes test’ and investigate Ontario’s regulations that oversee how police gather information from the public.

Why High School Graduation Rates Aren't the Whole Story

Matt Ross, co-founder of the London Youth Advisory Council, discusses what he learned from listening to students who did not finish high school… and what we’re missing in our current models for measuring student success.

Waking Up From the Matrix with Rowa Mohamed

Rowa Mohamed comes to tell her own personal story of discovering how racism is manifested in society and structured in the institutions all around us.

Revisiting the Political Correctness Debate

Jeff Preston joins us to discuss how public discourse about ‘political correctness’ has continued to evolve, five months on from the Wolf Hall Debates event on the issue last October.

What is the Cost of Poverty in London?

Gerda Zonruiter is currently researching a big question: what is the ‘price tag’ of poverty for the London community?

Trauma-Informed Thinking for Everyone

If you could catch a glimpse of another person’s past, would it change your perspectives or assumptions about them in the present? A conversation with Javeed Sukhera.

Are We Actually Moving the Needle on Poverty?

Abe Oudshoorn discusses poverty reduction efforts in London: As tax payers and charity givers, we spend millions of dollars to address poverty… But does it all really make any difference?

Human Rights in Education: Do we really mean all students?

Jacqueline Specht joins us to take a critical look at the strategy employed to structure school classrooms in Ontario compared to other Provinces.

Through the Radio Talk Show Looking Glass

Alan Coombs reflects on what you can learn about a community from its call-in radio shows.

Systems Workshop

A connection point for system-thinkers in London

Why Debating is a Life Skill

Cassandra Cervi joins us to talk about how competitive debating can influence politics, society, and individual lives.

Post-Truth. Alternative Facts. Fake News. Blimey!

Professor Tim Blackmore joins us to critique the nomenclature of contemporary public discourse.

The Art of Self-Expression

How a pen, authenticity, courage, and a blank sheet of paper can change your life.

Surveying the Local Journalism Landscape

Jennifer O’Brien joins us to talk about the challenges and opportunities facing local journalism today.

The City and the Stage: Civics and Theatre

Dennis Garnhum joins us to discuss why live theatre is important for community.

Will a populist anti-immigration agenda come to Ottawa?

An evening devoted to one of the most critical questions facing the nation.

Seeing the Present in the Past: Immigration in North America

Exploring the history, policies, and experiences of immigration that have led us to our present moment in time.

Systems Workshop (Repeat Session)

Connect to an emerging community of local, systems-minded thinkers, leaders, and lifelong learners.

The Heuristic of Hate: Dissecting Islamophobia

Rifat Hussain and Tristan Johnson reflect on the history of Islamophobia and the impact that it has on the lives of Muslims today.

Understanding Human Trafficking in Ontario

How does 21st century slavery work in our city?

Power and Patriarchy: Examining the Mythologies of Police Culture

Lesley Bikos takes us on a behind-the-scenes tour of law enforcement culture and introduces us to a world where you have to either fit in, turn a blind eye, or risk it all by speaking up.

A Critique of Multiculturalism

What are the negative or unintended consequences of multiculturalism as a political agenda? How should we respond?

Race, Gender, Class? Who is society designed to serve?

A primer on understanding structural violence and discrimination.

My Rights vs. Your Rights

What happens when one person’s human rights seems to violate or compete with another person’s human rights?

How Did Work Become the Point of Life?

Who convinced us all that having a ‘career’ is such a good idea?

Should We Quit Social Media?

When we weigh all the pros and cons, does social media come out as a net good or as a liability for society?