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Thus endth the blog
Social Timelines: Life Lost on the Curated Projections of Other People’s Lives?
Let’s repurpose simpleton
241 Simcoe Street
Every human
People are the way they are
The System Made Me Do It
Everybody’s advertising Facebook
The Colonizer and the Colonized
Meditation of a Poll Official
The Insidious Side of the ‘Housing First’ Model?
What we need is an innovative logic model
We are so enculturated to fear the quiet
We can’t calm the storm, but we can ignore it
Humility is universally applicable
The first thing you need to remember when facilitating anything
Sometimes I think it would be fun to go to school
Pamphlets and Dialogues: On Facilitating Peace
Taking Health for Granted
The Dinner Party Hypothesis
Limits of Regulation on Digital Privacy
Blogger Pronouns: thoughts on simplicity, exclusivity, openness, and privacy
Blogging in the Second Person: Open Correspondence for a Social Web?
Why Press the ‘Publish’ Button?
We are the enviroment
Whiteboard vs PowerPoint
Blumbling around
God of Leadership
Intentional bloggers
An even more interesting question
Would we talk about this over coffee?
If you can’t do anything about it, why are you worrying about it?
Phone Baskets and Sacred Spaces
Best practices are not inherently above scrutiny
If you’re not doing anything wrong, what do you have to hide?
An Independent Web that is More Social than ‘Social Media’
Everything I Have Learned So Far, and then some
Daily Subscription Option
A woman was singing on the bus
Outsourced Triage
Safe space… or ethical space?
Is deleting Facebook a luxury?
The Medium is the Epistemology
From ‘But…’ to ‘Yes, And…’
“I know what all the ladies in the room are thinking…”
Not getting angry about issues that make me angry
Writing versus Posting?
Stop wasting other people’s lives
I have lost my voice (in a place where my voice wasn’t mine)
This ain’t the fringes
The Lie of the Timeline
Farewell Social Media
Borders and Birthrights: The Moral Inconsistencies of Liberal Citizenship
The self-defeating loneliness of dogmatic self-acceptance
I am not convinced
Whose rights, bodies, and property are legally protected
If you really don’t care what I think, why do you need me to think you don’t care?
What is the best asset or resource you have discovered for describing how to use RSS
Fascinating how cultural myths about professionalism
Ideas consolidate power
An Unexamined Dictum
The advertising photographs in malls
Why do I keep my social accounts?
It is as if we strap mailboxes to our backs
Critical Thinking: A Cheatsheet
‘History’ and ‘breaking news’
Sometimes removing a statue
In a world where everyone wants to be heard
Surrender your privacy
In Praise of Being Wrong
Curious Public at Central Library: A Retrospective and a Look Forward
Relative to the universe
Is curiosity a prerequisite
Does saying, “The economy doesn’t work for me until the economy works for everyone” make one a socialist?
Blank Panther, Violence, and The Wretched of the Earth
What if it’s the people who don’t suffer from any impostor syndrome that are delusional?
If a political party could structurally and permanently ‘proof’ itself against corruption
Hubs, Hives, and the Paradox of Social Innovation
‘Getting all your ducks in a row’
Curiosity compels one to ask
Have you ever noticed
Someone needs to come up with a pithy term
As a general rule
So, at some point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
There should be a new category for recording attendance in meeting minutes
You cannot take other people seriously
The most self-aware people
Everyone is unreasonable
What do you do when you realize you are the colonizer?
Life is like a televised sport
Think of another city that you love or admire
What does ‘Reconciliation’ mean for an individual Canadian like me?
If you want to be like every other politician
Humble Inquiry: or, How to circumvent the pernicious inclination to fix other people
Remember that political slogans about tolerance
‘100% certainty’
‘Never Ever Leave The House Without A Book.’
Automatically syndicating one’s blog to social media
I think what makes
Do not write off realism
Never take a definition
Four things you can do in an office
Live theatre as co-creation: how to produce a 2.9 kiloton explosion on stage
The sooner you realize
The people who do not like you
Constructive, thoughtful criticism
As one of many citizens
Every time I see that “no animals were harmed in the making of this film”
If you can’t possibly imagine
Echo chambers
Introducing the System Thinker Notebook: a tool for thinking strategically
If I could go back in time
All that is necessary
Never underestimate
‘Fear of not doing the things you actually care about the most’
Consider thyself no richer
I wonder
If you don’t approve
What if there is no premium superior to a still and quiet mind?
If you were teleported here
Funny how changing one specific digit on the calendar
Do religious communities provide ‘something’ that no other kind of community can offer?
The more I learn
Remember, kids
Is nuance a luxury
This committee report strongly recommends
Little else appears as needy
Subjugated to be Free, or Free to be Subjugated?
I wish for a political discourse
Everything is a paradigm
Simplifying is a trajectory
We should not think of ‘anti-oppression work’ and ‘everyday work’ as distinct activities
One of the most valuable things
To unwind and relax
Questioning the Patriarchy from Within
All news is local news
I Believe Her
Nose hair
What if white people have been effectively doing ‘identity politics’ for centuries
Life is like a bus stop
Note to self: sometimes the people who are not on the same page
You might be an academic if…
Confirmation bias is when
My guess is that most of us will not end up on our deathbeds
The test of a good teacher
Dear Self, How Are You?
When truth is spoken to power
I suppose I can only consider myself free
The Qualitative is Quantitatively Superior?
DWYL is bad YOLO advice
New home page design for
Absolute statements tend to require retraction
Dinner parties
If elected, I vow to end daylight savings time
In what ways do online spaces co-opt personal expression?
White nationalists and Islamist extremists desperately need each other
I’m signing on and standing up for the #indieweb cause
Is “following” and “liking” fundamentally different than “reading”?
Enjoy the honey-heavy dew of slumber
I am not an non-racist person
I think I’ve become social platform agnostic
‘Complete’ is not a word well applied to human conversations
‘Trinet’: the web is a Facebook, Amazon, and Google oligopoly
Becoming intentional and cognizant of my circadian rhythm is changing everything
We are not really ‘equal’ right now, are we?
The Independent Web
Tyranny of the Network Effect
Dispatches from the campaign trenches
On Democracy and Demagogues
The Podcasting Panel: Beginnings
What if automation turns the humans into the widgets?
Rehumanizing Twitter?
On human connections and digital platforms
Questions about Questions
In Search of the Public Sphere
Changing the World (is an incoherent idea)
Be Your True Authentic Self (and other doctrines of capitalism)
Who Gets to Have Their Own Country?
Is social media robbing us of our dearest hopes and dreams in life?
Who is served by the reconciliation agenda?
The Ideal Day
When you let go of making it big
So accustomed to the skies
A moment of salient awareness
Is there any equality without economic equality?
Terror of Agreement
Identity Politics v Universalism?
Reconciliation Between Whom?
Note to Self
Groupthink: The Human Evolutionary Superpower?
Canada and Nationhood™
‘Canada 150’ and the Idea of a Nation
Prejudice and Power
Does Proportional Representation Curb Populism?
Nonline with Patrick Rhone
Poverty-Industrial Complex
Spring Cleaning Notes
Identity Politics
Thoughts about depolarizing contentious arguments
Designing the Mobocracy
Will Canada Be Different?
Curious Public
On Talking to Canadians
The Proprietors are Raving
I Don’t Know
Your Human Rights Are Not Inalienable
On AM 1290 CJBK Racism Panel
Chic Fascism
On the Folly of Personal Analytics
Conversations and Media: a vision, an idea
Populism is Victimhood
When you die, does time end?
[AF] is Awesome Failure
A Minimalist Income
Stockpiling Time?
Merry Christmas! Here’s a gift!
Water Protectors
We Are What We Learn
After the Election
No Democracy is Stronger than its Investment in Education
Jaywalking is Rational
Everyone Minus One
The End of Political Correctness
Hate Speech and Jokes
Political Correctness, the Proxy of Politics
Political Correctness, Objectively Speaking
Is Blind Justice Blind to the Victims of Injustice?
Anti-Vaxxer Evidence
Doctor, Heal Thyself!
Pindar Goes to Rio
The Question
What if Twitter was a State-Owned Enterprise?
Hope Actually
Narcissism Unleashed
Aesop on Privilege
Chorus of Soliloquies
A Contemporary History of Walking to Work
Hot Showers
Your Nation is Going to Hell in a Handbasket
Cultural Humility
Careerist vs. Dilettante
Pirate Bay vs. Public Library
What is Life without Wonder?
Writing is a Way of Life
KT for Everyone
Despair; Malignant Surety
4 Reasons to Love Your Public Library
The Basic Income Debate: Salaries for the Citizens?
Free-Range Teamwork
All the People in the Room
The Achilles’ Heel of Democracy
Don’t mind your own business
An Income for Everyone?
Is War Good for Anything?
Nature and the Natural
Reign of the Algorithm
People with lived experience
This Comment Doesn’t Need a Stamp
Sitcom Sociology
Think ‘Adaptivity’, Not ‘Fitness’
‘Caesura Letters 2.0’ is here. And it is free.
Dear Jim Jefferies, Can We Talk About Your Rape Jokes?
There is no single ‘root cause’ of poverty
First-Past-the-Post for the Last Time?
An Election of Greedy, Self-Interested Voters
Something I’ve Never Seen
The Anatomy of a Terrible Idea
Liberty and Freedom
An Evening
A Library as a Timeline
“Quorum Sensing” as the Key to Democratic Reform
Public Shaming… and Your Own Worst Decisions
The Intelligentsia is Not Right/Wrong by Default
What Makes Conclusive Evidence Conclusive?
Like Back in the Days
Judging the Judgers
I’m the Worst Predictor Ever
Liking People
Divisive Punditry
On Doctor Assisted Suicide
Fear Mongering is Terrorism, Too
Edison’s Cupcake
Using Facebook is a ‘Poverty Habit’?
Breaking the Gutenbergian Chain
The Antidote to Pseudo Science?
Race is a Verb
The Merits of Red Tape
Journaling Feels Juvenile
Politics is Toxic. Get Over it?
James Shelley on Writing & Publishing: An Interview
To Code is Human
The Art of Artless Persuasion
Primus inter pares
The Confidence Trap
Do What You Love?
Porcelain Urinals and Farting Baboons
The City as a Condo
My Political Campaign Platform
The Witchcraft of Job Creation
Santa Claus Economics
The Success of Friendship
Dinner Conversation
The Technology of the State, and its Dissidents
Upon the Altar of the Internet
Education, and the Future to be Created
If the Internet has taught me one lesson, it is this…
Ironic Kōan
In Praise of Private Correspondence
Canada Day reflections
Quorum Sensing
Internet and Inequality
Reflecting and Broadcasting
Why Everything is Meaningful
Building an Audience, Building a Message
Biopsychosocial: everything about you affects every other part of you
The Problem with Multiculturalism
The Perils of Having a Social Cause
Think Immigrant, Artisan, and Waitress
Creed of the Dogmatic Moderate
Attention Economy
Blogging and Trusting
Judging the Guy with the Blackberry
Coffee Shop Integrity on the Internet
In the Present. Demand Delays.
Is it Worth the Interruption?
Blank Paper
I Heart Your Icon
Focus: Controlling the Inputs of Social Media


A Trustworthy and Credible Guide to Pseudo Events
But I’m not doing anything wrong!
An Interrogation of ‘Reconciliation’
What is the Future of Gender in Canadian Society?
Alcohol to Opioids: Part 2
What was your experience of reading ‘Brother’ by David Chariandy?
A Story Behind Every Street
What do people mean when they say, ‘Science’?
Has the Canadian government done due diligence in responding to the opioid crisis?
Drug policy in Canada: from alcohol to opioids
#MeToo and the Presumption of Innocence: how can we believe victims and protect the legal rights of accused at the same time?
Whose version of the past counts? Do the residents of Utopia have a history? What makes time invisible?
Art Changes People and People Change the World
Is Hate a Public Health Emergency?
Identity Politics – the podcast discussion
Gender and Leadership: redefining and reconceptualizing power
How much of an impact can the mayor of a city have on the community?
And What Else? The Art and Anatomy of a Question
Socialism, Capitalism, and Cheese Melting in Slow Motion
Internet Trolling: A People’s Philosophy
The Good, Great, Bad, and Terrifying: adapting to the world of social media
It’s off to work I go
My Human Rights vs. Your Human Rights
Who benefits the most by the way society is organized?
Questions about Questions
A Critique of Multiculturalism
A Critique of Multiculturalism – Heenal Rajani’s Poetic Harvest
Changing the World (is an incoherent idea)
Be Your True Authentic Self (and other doctrines of capitalism)
Power, Whiteness, Patriarchy, and Police Culture
Human Trafficking: Definitions, Interventions, and Politics
Could an anti-immigration movement gain political traction in Canada?
The Heuristic of Hate: Dissecting Islamophobia
Seeing the Present in the Past: Immigration in North America
Surveying the Local Journalism Scene
The City and the Stage: Civics and Theatre
The Art of Self-Expression
Post-Truth. Alternative Facts. Fake News. Blimey!
Why Debating is a Life Skill
Through the Radio Looking Glass
Human Rights in Education: Do we really mean all students?
Are We Actually Moving the Needle on Poverty?
Trauma-Informed Thinking for Everyone
What is the Cost of Poverty for Everyone?
It’s Time to Retire Political Correctness
Intersectionality 101
Graduation Rates Aren’t the Whole Story
The Oakes Test
On the Folly of Personal Analytics
Try. Learn. Tweak. Repeat.
[AF11] Another Race
[AF10] Worth It
[AF9] Outputs Outcomes
[AF8] See Others
[AF7] One Change
[AF6] Be Honest
[AF5] Say It
[AF4] One Step
[AF3] Model It
[AF2] Own It
[AF1] Pay Attention
[AF] is Awesome Failure
A Minimalist Income
Has Political Correctness Gone Too Far?
We Are What We Learn
After the Election
No Democracy is Stronger than its Investment in Education
Jaywalking is Rational
Is Blind Justice Blind to the Victims of Injustice?
Anti-Vaxxer Evidence
Doctor, Heal Thyself!
Pindar Goes to Rio
The Question
Should Every Canadian Receive a Basic Income Guarantee?
Learning from the Past: being an update on the writing project
There is no single ‘root cause’ of poverty
The Idea Discussion Group Idea
Knowledge Glut
The Question of Self-Efficacy
Discussing White Privilege with Forrest Bivens
We Can’t All Be Above Average
Clinging to a World of Expectations