A Library as a Timeline

Like many others who have fallen in love with the classics, I began developing an acute appreciation for the breadth and depth of literature over the last several thousand years. By ‘appreciation’, I mean ‘an overwhelming and crippling sense of awe’. To help myself ‘situate’ new readings as I go, I have organized my library into a quasi-chronological timeline, which I have titled A Library for a Lifetime. This basically started as a spreadsheet to help me keep my centuries straight, but it has grown into a hybrid of a reading record, ‘to read’ list, and snapshot of history. This tool remains under constant revision, and is nowhere close to complete. (Not that ‘completing’ such a project is even remotely possible in one lifetime!)

In addition, I have also started compiling a recommended reading list for people who are interested in dipping their toes into the ocean of classical literature for the first time.

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